eCulturise Vision

“Culture is passed along by communication and imitation from one generation to the next” ….

…. This is one part of the first definition for culture, within Google`s search results. Is this definition future proof?Google_Define_Culture










With Millenials plugged into the Internet from an early age and spending up to 18 hours per day online (according to The Wall Street Journal), will culture be lost on the way into the next century?

The Vision of eCulturise is to consult companies interacting across cultures within the digital space of how they can improve their websites, eCommerce stores, blogs etc. by adapting to the culture of their visitors online. Culture is at the heart of behavioral psychology, a term which has gained prominence in the Conversion Rate Optimisation arena over the last couple of years.

Our aim is to raise awareness that culture will be lost, unless digital companies start embracing cultural website optimisation and start listing this new concept of eCulturisation amongst the core tool on their Optimisation roadmap.