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Reaching  Germany  Digitally

An in-depth guide to optimise your German website with eCulturisation

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”23″ font_color=”%231d1d1b” width=”620″ line_height=”31″]Turn culture into increasing conversion rates and continuous uplifts in revenue. This in-depth guide will teach you the simple steps of optimising your German website to meet the demands of the German online shopper.[/text_block]

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In this Ebook You Will Learn To…

  • Look at CRO from a different angle

    Embrace cultural aspects and lift your conversion rates to new heights.

  • Unlock Cultural KPIs

    Hofstede’s cultural dimensions is only one area from which new KPIs can be identified to analyse the performance of your website.

  • Set a Roadmap to Success

    Create an effective action plan for eCulturisation in Germany.

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eCulturise Concept

eCulturise is the company behind a new concept that will push the field of Conversion Rate Optimisation to new levels. eCulturisation is the process of optimising your website, ecommerce store or blog to specifically reach the target audience based on cultural aspects.

It was Geert Hofstede who published the model of cultural dimensions, one of the most famous models in the area of cultural research. When he completed his research in 1967 we are convinced he wasn’t expecting the loss of culture due to technical progress in the 21st century.

eCulturise has been founded with the idea of raising awareness of cultural preservation in the digital world. Cultural adaption to the online world is reflected in a number of ways, but do website owners, conversion specialists or bloggers realise? Do they leverage the power of eCulturisation to increase revenue, conversion rates or digital engagement?

eCulturise is the number one platform for anyone who is interested in culture and who would support the preservation of it in the online world.

So why launch this ebook?

German Eyes…

German eyes see the online world differently to how it is seen through the eyes of an American, British, French, Chinese or Citizen of Madagaskar. This ebook will give you this insight, so don’t hesitate and add your email address to our waiting list >>



Some of the questions that this ebook will answer

  • What is the German button solution all about?
  • How can German trust symbols catapult your conversion rates to new heights?
  • What is the connection between a high risk avoidance culture and conversion optimisation?
  • How incorrect punctuation in the German language can be the deciding factor between success and failure of a conversion?

Who should read this ebook?

  • Conversion Optimisation Managers
    eCommerce Managers
    Owners of Websites
    eBusiness Owners expanding to Germany
    Bloggers in Germany

  • Culture Lovers
    CRO Executives
    eCommerce Commercial Directors
    eBusiness Consultants

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